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Weekly Blushers

Bonjour Belle!

Hi y’all pretty ladies! I am back after long months of hiatus. I’ve been busy with work and some other stuff (I’ma tell it to you some other time). Well, anyways starting this week and all the weeks to come (hopefully) we are having our “Weekly Blushers”. These are the things that made me blushed and smile even. I hope these things will make you blush as well.

Now let’s start… Ready?


Cutie of the Week:


Isn’t he divine?

Movie of the week:

MAGIC MIKE — do you have questions about this one? :)

photo from: moviespoilerspodcast.blogsopt.com

iPhone App of the week:

SNOOPY’S STREET FAIR — I love this app :)

photo from: technogra.com

Thirst quencher of the week:


Zentea’s Nai Cha is love

Website of the week:

THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT - I love this site… like totally!

And I love these girls (Kristin Ess, Lauren Conrad and Amy Nadine). Learning a lot.

photo from: designlovefest.blogspot.com

I hope these things make you smile and blush.



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Every drop counts…


Bonjour Belle!

Hi y’all ladies, I did something wonderful today… I donated blood this afternoon. Let’s help others by giving our precious blood and make every drop of it counts. Let us all be PRETTY and HELPFUL to those who needs us. 

"For a bag of blood you give, you’ve given a person a chance to live — Donate blood and Save Lives"

I did and you should too.



Photo from: www.thinkloud65.wordpress.com

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Bonjour Belle!

It may be late but I think telling our momma that we love her isn’t only a one day thing. Let’s do it every single day of our lives. Our momma’s duty doesn’t stop even on holidays as well.

I am greeting all the MOTHERS in the entire world a “HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!”

Most especially to my mom and my aunts - sending my greetings all the way to Italia.

Our Teacher, our critic, our bodyguard, our best-friend, our MOTHER. We thank you for all the things you’ve done to us and most for bringing us into the world and letting us see the beauty of all things. For loving us and not asking anything in return, who love us no matter what.

We love you our MOTHER! No questions ask.




Photo from: www.focusonthelittlethings.wordpress.com

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The Girl Code

Bonjour Belle!


CODE as per my ever reliable iPod application “WordWeb”; code is a set of rules, principles or laws (especially written ones). We all have these rules and codes that we must follow, but what we need to know girlfriends is the Girl Code, it is as important as the other.


Girl Code - The guidelines every senorita should know in order not to get kicked out of the girl community. Here are the TOP TEN.

1. No girl may date her friend’s ex’s, guys she previously and currently fancies ever. Not in this lifetime.

2. A girl should tell her friend if the outfit she’s wearing doesn’t complement her, or her lipstick is too pink or too orange-y.

3. Girls are always RIGHT until proven otherwise.

4. Chick flick + popcorn + guy stories on a Saturday night are absolutely necessary.

5. All single ladies are allowed to hang-out together during Valentine’s Day and whine about being single.

6. Girls are always obliged to complement any change of hair color, hair cut, new clothes, etc of her girl-friends.

7. Girls are allowed to eat a whole box of chocolates or a gallon of vanilla ice cream when she’s sad without any argument.

8. It is a girl’s duty to boost up her friend’s self-esteem when she had lost it.

9. Girls should go to the ladies room in groups.

10. A girl must in any circumstances defend her friend’s reputation. Whether it involves lying or not (explanation to follow).




Photos from: www.omgghana.com, www.youthvoices.com

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Reduce, Re-use and Recycle (Earth Day)

Bonjour  Belle!

We, permanent and pretty residences of the planet Earth have this annual celebration every 22nd of April each year, which we called “EARTH DAY”. This is to broaden our knowledge about our beloved home. And also to widen environmental awareness and appreciation of the Earth. This was first held many many years back 22nd of April year 1970 started in The United States by Senator Gaylord Nelson.

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and Reduce;Re-use; Recycle is just one of them. I am hoping that its not only every April 22 yearly that we take care of the Earth which we call home, lets do that every single day. I wish that everyday is Earth day.





Photo from: www.elcslpl.org

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Something old, Something new…

Bonjour Belle!

Why don’t we begin with the thing we all love so much?               


"Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue"

Hearing these words give me giddy feeling, don’t we all love weddings? because I know, “I DO”.

It’s actually my second favorite occasion next to birthdays. Almost all of us ladies, dream of having the perfect wedding when we grow up and finally found that “Prince Charming” who swept us off our feet.

If you’re asking me if I am married, no I’m not, at least not yet. And like you, I dream of having my own fairytale wedding too.

Wedding for me is a celebration of love, of togetherness, a promise of lifetime with each other, having two bodies and one heart.

I’ve got my fair share of wedding experiences too: as a guest, bridesmaid and maid-of-honor and I absolutely love every second of those moments.



Here are my Top 10 Wedding essentials:

1. Wedding Date

2. Wedding Venue

3. Wedding Gown - a wedding is not a wedding without your own version of a wedding dress. It may be classic or modern, the dress should scream “YOU” when you wear it on the special day.

4. Wedding ring

5. Entourage

6. Color scheme

7. Guest list

8. Invites

9. Photos and video provider -  for me it is important to have the best when it comes to people who will take photos and videos on our special day for it will capture the most important event in our life and will remain forever.

10. Wedding cake


Well a simple wedding is just as nice as a glamorous one. What we are celebrating here is the promise of love with each other… forever, so don’t worry if we won’t be able to have the grandest wedding like some people had. As long as we have our hubby-to-be on our side we can never ask for more and we see everything else just as extraordinary.

So ladies lets dream our perfect wedding, shall we?




photos from (top-bottom): www.lemlyncheraleigh.com, www.sjharmon.com, www.greenweddingshoes.com and www.nibsblog.wordpress.com

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Bonjour Belle!

Photo from: www.kateschmate.com

Hi y’all PRETTY LADIES! I’m proud to present ‘Bubbly Blush’ — your guide to making pretty even more beautiful, the latest fashion trend, a way to vintage styles and growing up (well we’ve got lots of growing up to do as a matter of fact). The blog that will supply you, your everyday girly needs from moi and the other bloggers I Love so much. Feel free to stop, look and doll up all day, everyday. Wishing you girl friends one FABULOUS day. xoxo - N

Photo from: www.kateschmate.com